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PoolFx Swimming Pool Services

Looking a bit GREEN & UNCLEAN? SHOCK your pool back to life!

Keeping the family or commercial pool clean can become a bit of a nightmare... The constant skimming, cleaning, pool vacuuming, water testing and chemical guesswork – and then there are the pump issues and leak problems! It can be exhausting, and that’s why PoolFX offer their true-blue kiwi as swimming pool services. We take the stress out of owning or managing a pool, allowing you to go ahead and JUMP RIGHT IN!


Looking for a regular cleaning and maintenance package to keep your family happy? Take a look at our Pool Valet Packages. Got frogs where frogs just shouldn’t be? Schedule a one-off Green Pool Recovery. Holding a work do, a pool party, or a family get-together? Ask us to check on the efficiency of your pump and the general condition of your pool! We’ll measure your water levels to ensure you are using the correct amount (and type!) of chemicals, and we’ll give you the latest and greatest advice on chemical-free alternatives.

Pool Valet Packages

We offer a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly pool valet package, which includes:

  • Testing and balancing your pool water
  • Checking and cleaning your pump filter
  • Checking and cleaning your skimmer basket
  • Checking your water levels
  • Backwashing your filters
  • Vacuuming and cleaning the pool
  • Full equipment check for faults
  • How much will this cost?


    Green Pool Recovery

    Has your pool maintenance gotten away on you? Have you had an extended holiday, and have returned to a less-than-swimmable pool? Perhaps you’ve just purchased a home, and the pool is unusable? Our Green Pool Recovery service will transform your sludgy pool into a kid-filled family fun zone. We’ll bring your unusable pool back to life before you know it – so get your togs ready because once we’re on the job you won’t have long to wait!

    Contact us about our Green Pool Recovery service!

    Pool Maintenance Services

    Is your pool looking a bit unloved? It’s been a long, cold winter, and it’s easy to forget what chemicals are needed and in what quantities, and if your pump hasn’t been checked or serviced through the colder months, then now’s the time to get sorted! PoolFX will come out to your pool to check your pumps, filters and skimmers, to make sure everything is in clean working order. We’ll also give your pool water a thorough analysis to ensure it is well-balanced and safe for swimming, and we’ll even give your pool a vacuum and clean for you. Don’t let the party down: get your pool swimmable today!

    Special Occasion Valet

    Something big coming up? Don’t forget the pool! When you’ve organised the big work do, or when the pool party’s gotten out of hand; when you’ve invited the new in-laws around, or you’ve got an open home booked – never underestimate the pulling power of a beautifully maintained pool. When you need that special occasion valet, PoolFX are here to save the day! We’ll be in and out before you know it, leaving you with a pool to be proud of.

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