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Pool Maintenance in the Bay of Islands:

Published on Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Pool Maintenance in the Bay of Islands:

mobile pool valet in Kerikeri, Paihia and beyond!

Do you live in the Far North of New Zealand? Do you struggle to keep your pool looking in tip top shape through the year? PoolFX is here to help – offering world-class pool maintenance and cleaning in the Bay of Islands and beyond!


Pool maintenance for holiday homes in the Bay of Islands

Keeping your holiday home pool in perfect condition year-round is no easy feat, especially if you’re not on site much of the time! Just because you’re not resident on the property doesn’t mean your pool shouldn’t be enjoyed by visiting family or friends – and when you do stop by to enjoy your private getaway, you want to know that your pool is looking as healthy and clean as your lawns. We’re the team to see for holiday home pool maintenance in the far north, with a proven track record of trustworthy and professional service, and a dedication to using the minimum amount of chemicals necessary to keep your pool in it’s absolute best condition. We’re experts on pump maintenance and pool lining repair too, so if there’s ever an issue while you’re away, we’re on hand to make sure your pool survives! Our prices are fair, our invoices are as clear as your pool water and our results are spectacular, so call us today for your holiday home pool needs.


Pool cleaning in Russell, Paihia and Kerikeri: we’re on your doorstep

PoolFX are your ideal mobile pool cleaning service in Kerikeri, Russell, Paihia and the far north. No property is too remote for our Awesome Aaron to get to, and in fact it’s most likely that we’ve serviced your pool in the past and we already know your location! Our mobile pool valet service operates throughout the far north, giving our clients sparkling pools with minimum fuss. What’s more, we use highly sophisticated equipment to test your pool water there and then, giving us a digital readout of your current PH levels, and allowing Awesome Aaron to accurately calculate the EXACT chemical balancing required to bring your pool back to full health. We don’t over-dose your pool and that means we don’t overload your bill! Why expect to pay more for your pool cleaning service just because you live up North? Our Bay of Islands and Kerikeri customers find out just how much they can save after their first service with us: why not join our valued client base today.


Pool pump problems, pool lining repairs, pool deck surrounds and more

We’re more than your average pool cleaning company – in fact there’s very little that Awesome Aaron at PoolFX can’t do. If it’s related to pools in any way, shape or form, Aaron has the expertise to see you right. Is your pump making a funny sound? Is your pool draining mysteriously? Can’t seem to get your pool chemical balance right? Awesome Aaron is on his way. Don’t feel like you’re too rural for our service, simply let us know your address and we’ll take care of the rest. Worried about the cost? Ask us up front! We’re happy to talk turkey and we’re as honest as the day is long – a summer day that is. We have a large client base for pool maintenance in Kerikeri, Paihia, Russell and the Far North, so you can rest assured we know your area and your needs. 


Contact us today for all your Far North pool servicing needs!

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